Working Together

At Rock Hill we see ourselves as partners to our portfolio companies and trusted stewards to our investors.

We guide companies to greater growth by collaborating with owners to look for operational efficiencies, growth opportunities, greater revenue and margin improvements. But before we commit, our rigorous due diligence process provides us with a thorough understanding of the business and how to add value and growth. During due diligence, we evaluate a company's management organization, market opportunity, competitive advantages, financial performance and future capital needs. This critical process allows Rock Hill to gather key information, enabling us to discover the most effective ways to enhance performance and increase value.

This fact-finding allows us to invest with confidence and commitment, while providing our investors and entrepreneurial partners the assurance that we understand the business. 

Ultimately, Rock Hill helps transform entrepreneurial businesses into companies that reach their full potential and maximize value over time.

Learn more about investing with us and growing your company.