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Growing Your Company

When money isn’t the only thing your company needs, seek Rock Hill Capital.

Rock Hill helps entrepreneurs transform companies. We don’t just invest money. We take a long-term view and invest people, energy and time – time for a company to grow, realizing its full market potential and building successful companies for business owners and investors alike.

Rock Hill guides companies to greater growth by partnering with managers as mentors, as coaches - as someone who’s been there. We help companies find operational efficiencies, market opportunities, cost controls and margin improvements to reveal the hidden gems that result in increased value over time. We also enhance the company’s management team, surrounding them with the right people and resources.

We partner with strong entrepreneurs looking to grow their company to the next level. Some may be family-owned companies looking to slowly transition their business to another like-minded owner. All are focused on continuing the success they've built.

We stand ready to lend our know-how and connections to help bring together relationships, capital and leadership. We’ve built our team from a bedrock of real-world experience and look to do the same with our portfolio companies - all the way from day one to day done.

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