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Depth of Experience

Rock Hill Capital was founded by Randy Hale and is led by experienced senior-level professionals.

This team works closely with an advisory board made up of industry leaders and investors who are also limited partners in Rock Hill funds.

As a group, Rock Hill’s team has successfully:

  • Negotiated and executed multiple purchase, merger and sale transactions of public and private companies
  • Identified investment opportunities and arranged capital to complete transactions
  • Refinanced company debts and redeemed outstanding preferred stock
  • Managed companies with revenue of up to $350 million
  • Managed loan portfolios of more than $900 million
  • Acted as auditors, consultants and advisors to a wide range of companies
  • Served on corporate and non-profit boards

Rock Hill relies on its vast experience collected over the years to provide solid guidance. We bring to bear our financial expertise, our management know-how and our investment funds in order to help companies grow organically, make strategic acquisitions or resolve undercapitalized financial situations.

We partner with entrepreneurial-minded owners who have demonstrated a history of success - diamonds in the rough that need a bit of polish in order to shine. Rock Hill accentuates the management team by surrrounding them with the right people and resources necessary to grow deliberately and consistently over time.

Learn more about our investment criteria and our portfolio companies.