Patriot Construction

U.S. Industrial Holdings, LLC d/b/a Patriot Construction

CEO: Michael Hensgens
President: Cody Fortier

HQ: Lafayette, LA

Investment (Privately Held): February 2017

U.S. Industrial Holdings, LLC d/b/a Patriot Construction (“Patriot” or the “Company”) was founded in 2010 by Michael Hensgens, Cody Fortier, and Mickey Suire to provide infrastructure services for the industrial, commercial, and oilfield market sectors. The Company is headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, with projects and operations across Louisiana, East and Southeast Texas. Patriot’s primary service offering consists of site preparation work including: clearing & grubbing, leveling & grading, earth moving, soil stabilization, drainage structures, water / sewer installation, and paving. Patriot’s team and equipment are capable of a number of other services including: foundations, pile driving, channel construction, dredging, and environmental remediation. Additionally, Patriot generates revenue through sand / dirt material sales and from material handling services for the byproducts of sugar mills.