Ace Gathering Logo

Ace Gathering Holdings, LLC

CEO: Mike Clinard
President: Cody Schluens
HQ: Katy, TX
Investment (Privately held): December 2017

Ace, founded by its management team in 2014 and headquartered in Katy, Texas, provides gathering and reclamation services through two separate wholly-owned subsidiaries, Ace Gathering, Inc. (“Ace Gathering”) and Maker’s Oil Corporation (“Maker’s”).  Ace Gathering offers crude oil gathering services with its top-of-the-line fleet of trucks and trailers as well as crude oil marketing services for customers ranging from small, independent producers to large majors.  In May 2016, Ace acquired Maker’s, a crude reclamation and tank cleaning business with over two decades of operating history.  Maker’s offers oilfield waste cleanup and waste oil removal services for salt water disposal wells, crude oil production tanks, pipelines, and marine barges.  The combined companies have over 90 employees with locations in Somerville, Corpus Christi, Giddings, Swinney Switch, Odessa, and Katy, Texas.