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Investment Strategy

We believe that past success is a great indicator of future performance. That’s why we invest in companies whose leaders have a history of proven success in building a business.

We seek privately held companies in the large but underserved small-to-lower middle market business sector with  EBITDA of less than $10 million.

Over the decades, our experience has taught us how to identify the paths businesses need to take to increase their opportunities and reach their full potential. We partner with strong entrepreneurs whose primary limitations to continued growth are long-term capital and the expertise to take their company to the next level.

Rock Hill works with these entrepreneurs at the appropriate stage of the business cycle, ready to lend our know-how and connections to match resources, potential, capital and leadership. Our goal is not to take over a company. It is to work with our entrepreneurial partners to learn how to best move the company forward -- and then follow through.

Our private equity firm partners with companies seeking:

  • Recapitalizations
  • Financial restructuring
  • Growth initiatives
  • Growth minority capital
  • Management buyouts

Learn more about our investment criteria and our current portfolio of companies.