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Our History

Rock Hill Capital was founded in 2007, and launched Fund I that year. Rock Hill closed Fund II in 2013 and Fund III in 2016. 

At Rock Hill, you will find a business built on timeless principles to which we fiercely adhere. They are focused on integrity and fairness. Hard work and a firm handshake. When Rock Hill invests in a company, we invest as much time, passion, expertise and experience as we do money. This is more than just building a business or performing a quick turnaround. This is about finding potential and bringing dreams to fruition.

Behind The Name

One of the questions most asked of us is, "What does your name stand for?" It's not just a place on the map. Our name is representative of where we all come from and where our core values were steeped. It is a symbol of all the guiding forces that shape our business.

Integrity - we say what we mean and mean what we say.

Partnership - build and nurture two-way relationships that go the distance.

Passion - be confident, be creative, be relentless.

Accountability - look for solutions, not scapegoats.

Humility - remember that we’re all in it together.

These core values, over time, informed the very Principles that guide our business today.

Rock Hill is a genuine reflection of the philosophy of hard work and honest dealings. So, there’s a lot behind our name. But that’s purposeful. It serves as a constant reminder that this is more than a business. This is BEYOND INVESTING.

Learn more about the principles by which we lead, our investment strategy and our investment team.